Larisa coffee , nuts , confectionery, Larisa Greek coffee , espresso Larisa , filter coffee , wine cellar Larisa , Larisa wholesale coffee , coffee marketing Larisa , coffee Rio. An excellent , traditional Greek coffee started its operation in 1979 by John Patrick Larissa . Proficiency , love and passion of the owner for the coffee , tastes and different flavors releases , led to the enrichment of varieties , creating a number of different blends , satisfying the most demanding customers . Today , professional baton of Coffee ' Rio ' Keeps Angeliki Patrikiou , which is ranked 2nd generation kafekopton , bring the knowledge and experience of nearly 35 years of continuous presence in the highly demanding and constantly evolving area of coffee. He undertook to achieve different flavor and aromatic results , aiming to create a modern coffee shops . For this reason , selected the best varieties of coffee , fortified blended , roasted , cut and offered to consumers devotee accompanying every moment of their lives . Besides different varieties of fresh Greek coffee ( blond, dark , very dark , etc. ) in the store will find a wide variety of instant , imported filter coffee ( French and American ), espresso, decaffeinated packaged Ms . But numerous herbal treatments, including aromatic and non- tea different geographical origins , packaged and bulk cocoa chocolate , fresh nuts and dried fruits of excellent quality , of any kind confectionery and chocolate products . The company excluding retail and wholesale makes coffee , feeding directly cafes , cafeterias and bars , dining venues , hotels , etc. ' Kafekoptio Rio ' . The other name of coffee in Larissa .